Leicester City lost chance

In the English Premier League is Leicester City as the surprise team of the season is celebrated. While you are in the last season is still around the class has had to fight, you are in the current season on the championship course and had the title at the 1. May 2016.

In the game against Manchester United awards but you the chance to win the early championship and must now be patient. The third last day, it was only for a 1-1-draw at Manchester United and thus the title for the time being.

Leicester assigns the chance to lead the title

it was so beautiful. The characters were in advance on a premature championship title for Leicester City. But as it is usual in football,, not everything works out as it should. The third last day awarded the foxes when record champion Manchester United the chance of early title and could only a 1:1-draw. From the very beginning has developed a fast section with clear benefits for Manchester United was drawn. This service was quick with a 1:0 Guide interference by Anthony Martial rewarded.

On the other hand seemed Leicester inhibited and could be against the strong offensive of mach esters United First not much. The guide was therefore very painful for the title of favorites. From a Standard out you could then at least for the balancing. This has been replaced by Wes Morgan, the header after a free kick to the gate manovrierte. Nevertheless remained united to pause the printer, even if marouane fur alie after a acts to Robert Huth the red card had must see.

The master party for Leicester City is only moved

however, one can assume that the championship party for Leicester City only moved. Because if it is Tottenham today, 2. May 2016, does not manage to oppose the Chelsea FC to enforce and win, Leicester City with one day late can celebrate the title. This is of course clarifies that Tottenham everything is to prevent this from happening. Also you want in the championship is still speaking when it comes to the title. With a ratio of 2.62 at bet365 is Tottenham as a winner in the lot. The Chelsea could still champion with a victory (2.75) or a tie (3.60) to the master-maker. (Odds: http://www.online-betting.org)

Leicester Coach Claudio Ranieri can play in the competition but not see. This is the time in the airplane seats and the result only after the landing. Should Tottenham win had it Leicester the next Matchday with FC Everton in hand, is to bring the championship title. It would be the first championship in the Club History leic ters.

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Sweden vs. Latvia
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